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Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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It’s with you constantly. The feeling that you can never get out from under the mountain of credit cards, medical bills, and other debt. You go to bed worried about where the next mortgage or car payment is going to come from. You wake up the next day dreading the constant calls or fear that another lawsuit is coming. You’re tired of seeing your family go without while you struggle to keep the creditors at bay.

Enough is enough.

Bankruptcy offers the opportunity to be free. To be free of the constant worry, stress, and sleepless nights. To finally put a stop to the constant calls, collection letters, and lawsuits. It can even help stop foreclosures and allow you to catch up on your mortgage, car payments, student loans, and tax debt. 

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During these rough economic times, it is hard to keep your head above water. Sometimes you have to make some tough decisions. I decided to file for bankruptcy. I had gone to another lawyer and was treated like a case number instead of a struggling family man. Matt made this experience easy and dignified. It was a pleasure working with someone who had my back.

Philip M.

I came to Matt with a huge weight on my shoulders after having some medical issues and some bad choices regarding credit cards. He made a process in which I was very nervous to do seem very easy. Every step of the way he explained things, was easy to get a hold of, and I would recommend him to anyone in need of help financially!

Joshua H.

During a very difficult decision and the difficult process of having to humble yourself and ask for help. Matthew was a pleasure to deal with and was very professional. He was very caring and understanding, and did not make you feel judged at all. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is about to make this kind of decision and allow him to work his magic.

Aaron L.

How can bankruptcy help?

Bankruptcy offers real relief.

Relief from creditor harassment.

Bankruptcy stops collection efforts. No more letters, phone calls, and lawsuits. We also file notice in pending lawsuits, which are then put on hold until your case is completed.

Relief from garnishments

Creditors cannot garnish your wages while in bankruptcy. Upon filing, we send notice sent to the court and to your HR/payroll department (if you choose) to ensure that the wage garnishment stops.

Relief from judgment liens

In Indiana, judgments automatically become liens on your home. Bankruptcy may help remove judgment liens from your home so that you can later sell it free-and-clear.

Relief from foreclosure

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be used to help stop a foreclosure or sheriff’s sale. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to catch up any past-due payments over 36 to 60 months.

Relief from repossessions

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be used to regain possession of a repossessed car. You are then allowed to catch up the past-due payments. If the car was sold, a chapter 7 bankruptcy will eliminate any deficiency balance.

Relief from credit card and medical debt

Medical debt is treated the same as credit cards and other unsecured debt. It can be eliminated in bankruptcy.

Relief from suspension of driving privileges

Driving priviledges can be suspended because of an unpaid judgment. Bankruptcy can help get your license back by eliminating the judgment.

Relief from excessive student loan and tax payments

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows student loan and tax payments to be spread out over 36 to 60 months while keeping collection efforts at bay.

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What is chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

By and far the most common form, chapter 7 bankruptcies comprise about 70% of filings each year and generally take only four months to complete. While chapter 7 bankruptcies are often referred to as a “straight liquidation bankruptcy,” most filers retain all of their property through exemptions. In turn, unsecured debt (credit cards, medical bills, and past-due utility bills) is wiped out. Civil judgments often can often be eliminated too. But in order to take advantage of a chapter 7, filers must first pass the “means test.” By reviewing your annual gross income and household size, we can quickly determine whether you qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you don’t, fear not! A chapter 13 bankruptcy may be filed instead.

Frequently asked questions about chapter 7 bankruptcy

How long does a chapter 7 bankruptcy take?
Chapter 7 bankruptcies generally last four months from filing the petition to discharge. Sometimes a trustee will hold a case open to collect tax refunds or non-exempt property, but you will still receive your discharge four months from filing the petition.
What property can I keep in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?
For individuals filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, Indiana law allows them to keep $19,300 in equity in a home, $10,250 worth of personal property, and $400 in cash at the time of filing. These amounts are doubled for married couples filing jointly. Keep in mind though that personal property is not valued at retail prices, but rather what a willing buyer would pay for them (often garage-sale or Craigslist prices). This is how many filers are about to keep all of their property in a bankruptcy.
How much debt do I need to file chapter 7 bankruptcy?
There is no minimum amount of debt required to file chapter 7 bankruptcy. Nor is there a maximum amount of debt that can be included in a chapter 7 bankruptcy.
Can I keep my car and home in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?
Yes. In most cases, filers in a chapter 7 bankruptcy either owe more than what the property is worth or their interest in the property is exempt. This means that the trustee will not take the property. BUT, you should be current on the payments. If not, lenders may request the bankruptcy court terminate the special protections afforded by bankruptcy and either repossess the property or sue you.
How much does a chapter 7 bankruptcy cost?
The cost to file chapter 7 bankruptcy can vary from attorney-to-attorney. When searching for an attorney, always ask what services their attorney fees cover. As I guide filers completely through the case from start-to-finish, my fee for a chapter 7 bankruptcy is a flat $1,600 regardless of whether it is a single or joint filing. This amount can paid in installments prior to filing. To keep things simple, this amount includes the court’s filing fee of $335 and the cost of obtaining your credit reports electronically (which saves you time and a ream of paper).

Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed for those who have a regular source of income. Filers are allowed to keep their property, but propose a plan to repay a portion of their debt back in monthly payments over 36-60 months. This plan is subject to court approval. A trustee is appointed to collect and disburse the plan payments to creditors. While paying back a portion of the debt may sound unattractive, a chapter 13 has certain benefits not available in a chapter 7, such as stopping foreclosures and repossessions by allowing past-due payments to be caught up. It also allows for tax debt and past-due student loans to be spread out over a longer period and payments on terms often more favorable than what the IRS or lenders offer.

Frequently asked questions about chapter 13 bankruptcy

How long does a chapter 13 bankruptcy last?
Chapter 13 bankruptcies can last upwards of 60 months. The actual plan period depends on a variety of factors: whether the filer is above or below the median income, their disposable monthly income, amount of non-exempt property, and amount of claims filed by creditors in the case. So, while a plan may initially propose payments from 36 to 60 months, it’s quite possible for a chapter 13 bankruptcy to end much earlier.
What property can I keep in a chapter 13 bankruptcy?
All of your property! That’s one of the benefits of a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Since filers are proposing a plan to repay some or all of their debt using their disposable income, they are allowed to keep their property.
Can a chapter 13 bankruptcy help stop a foreclosure, sheriff's sale, or repossession?
Yes. A chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop a foreclosure or repossession provided that the arrearage is addressed and funded in a chapter 13 plan. Not only can it halt a sheriff’s sale or force a lender to return a car, but chapter 13 bankruptcy allows filers an opportunity to catch up on their past-due payments. These payments can be stretched out over 60 months.
How much does a chapter 13 bankruptcy cost?
Again, cost can vary from attorney-to-attorney. Since I am involved in every step for upwards of 60 months, my fee is a flat $3,750 which includes the filing fee to the court. Generally, only $1,000 is required to file your case. The remaining balance is be paid through the life of your chapter 13 bankruptcy plan. This makes chapter 13 an affordable option and has the added benefit of reducing what you would otherwise owe to your creditors over the life of your chapter 13 plan. As a reminder, when comparing costs, always be sure to ask what exactly is included in the attorney’s services.
Can I include my student loans and tax debt in a chapter 13 bankruptcy?
Absolutely! Chapter 13 offers the opportunity to spread past-due student loan payments and tax debt out over 36-60 months and often on terms more favorable than what the government offers. Additionally, priority tax debt is paid in full before other creditors, which could reduce the amount you would otherwise have to pay towards credit cards and medical debt.

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Travis H.

Matt is very easy to talk to and always accessible. Highly recommend!

Aaron L.

Matthew was a pleasure to deal with and was very professional. During a very difficult decision and the difficult process of having to humble yourself and ask for help Matthew was very caring and understanding… did not make you feel judged at all. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is about to make this kind of decision and allow him to work his magic.

J. S.

Matt made an uncomfortable process easier to deal with. He was very prompt responding to emails and phone calls. I never felt like Matt judged my situation and was very helpful in finding the right solution to our problems.

Michael H.

Matt is very helpful. He will call you back quickly and answer all of your questions thoroughly. He responds to emails at hours of the night most people would just be relaxing. Matt made filing for bankruptcy am easy pain free process. I could not recommend Matt more. If you are considering filing he is a great person to choose.

S. A.

Matt was great to work with and kept everything from seeming overwhelming. Had great communication and was timely. Process for Chapter 7 was terrifying when I spoke to a lawyer previously and I didn’t feel good about it and didn’t file. Did a credit help service and wasn’t happy and reached out to Matt and he made me feel comfortable and confident that I was doing the right thing and that I shouldn’t feel bad about needing to file. Process was easy with him on my side and I highly recommend him for his professionalism, communication, and updates that made process feel undaunting. Very pleased to have chosen Matt for this situation.

Geoffrey W.

He is exceptionally knowledgeable and professional. Takes care of you from your initial meeting throughout the entire bankruptcy process. I could not have picked a better lawyer or better person. I will.be recommending him to all my friends family and associates. You’re awesome Matt!

Keli L.

Matt is easy to work with. He has walked with me step by step through this difficult time. He is non-judgmental and very informative. He is always available for questions and gets back to me promptly for questions I have. I would recommend him to any of my friends.

Mark R.

I’m very pleased with the service that I received. Mr Cree treated me with professionalism and respect. It was more like having a friend at your side as opposed to just a lawyer. I would highly recommend his firm.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say to you, Matt, thank you for everything.

Lindsay P.

Matt Cree is very efficient and helpful in a process that is so unfamiliar. He made a stressful situation seem easy and painless with his promptness in answering any questions or concerns. I would recommend him and his firm to anyone seeking councel in the bankruptcy process.

Laura M.

Matthew was very helpful and comforting in a very stressful situation. He explained all of my options and every step of the process. He kept in contact with me throughout the process and answered any questions I had very quickly. I have had something come up months after my bankruptcy and Matthew was quick to help me get it resolved. Definitely recommend him!

Angel M.

I was referred to Mr. Cree from a dear friend of mine. He took time out of his busy day to review my concern and offered me with suggestions on what I should try and do. Absolutely an amazing man and knowing that there are still kind hearted people out here to lend a helping hand. Definitely my go-to man if I ever need him again.

Rodney H.

Excellent and prompt work received in regards to my legal matters. If in need of future legal service I plan on contacting attorney Matt Cree for advice and legal representation.

Michael M.

Matthew made the whole process seem very simple and easy. Any questions I had you responded very quickly with answers I needed. I definitely recommend Matthew if you need a quality bankruptcy lawyer.

Tasha S.

Matt was very friendly and helpful. He was always ready to answer questions and communicated effectively. I would highly recommend him!

Jessica S.

I retained Mr. Cree for several personal matters and have always found him to be courteous, kind, knowledgeable, accessible, and responsive to my communications. No one looks forward to navigating legal waters, but Mr. Cree makes situations far less stressful with his demeanor, his way of explaining complicated issues and his no nonsense approach to finding fair solutions. Highly recommended.

Theresa S.

My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Mr. Cree. He went out of his way to assist us smoothly through the bankruptcy process.

Debi G.

I would highly recommend Matthew Cree! He was informative, knowledgable, and always ready to answer my never-ending questions. Matt gives you a feeling of comfort that is necessary during this process.

Vickie W.

I came to Matt for help and understanding of the situation I was in. Matt was very kind and caring. He listened to me and right away was concerned and wanted to help me to resolve my problem.

I would recommend the Law Office of Matthew Cree to anyone who needs help or guidance in their needs. Matt always kept me well informed by emails or phone with any questions or concerns regarding my situation. Thank you Matt for everything that you have done for me. I can finally smile again.

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