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Bankruptcy Checklist

A helpful list of documents required to file bankruptcy

The bankruptcy checklist

If you’re looking to get a jump on filing your case, you may want to gather up the following documents. It will seem like a lot, but keep in mind that this list can be tailored to your specific situation. For example, if you own a home, then I would need a copy of your recent mortgage statement, mortgage, and deed. But, if you rent, I would just need a copy of your lease.

Please also keep that this information is crucial in planning your case, and having it handy it makes for a much smoother, stress-free case for you! It’s been my experience that putting in a little effort at the beginning of your case will pay off dividends down the road!

♦ Certificate of Consumer Credit Counseling (first course – must be done filing)

♦ Completed bankruptcy packet with income and expenses (provided at meeting)

♦ Copy of Photo ID & Social Security Card

♦ Paystubs/proof of income for past six months (including spouse’s income even if they are not filing)

♦ Bank statements for past three months

♦ Federal and state tax returns with W-2’s / 1099’s for past two years (or most recently filed returns)

♦ Most recent statement for all retirement accounts, whole-life insurance policies, & 529 educational savings accounts

♦ Most recent mortgage statement

♦ Copies of real estate mortgage and deed

♦ Rental or Lease Agreement or Land Installment Contract

♦ Divorce Decree & Property Settlement Agreement

♦ Name, address and telephone number of person receiving child support

♦ Copies of all lawsuits/complaints, garnishment orders, and/or foreclosure and sheriff sale notices

♦ Proof of any transfers, sales, gifts, trades or gifts of any type of property made in the past two years

♦ Proof of charitable contributions if over $100 per month

♦ Payroll email or fax number if being garnished (so that I can send them notice to stop the garnishment)


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